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Child Neuropsychology

A blog by Dr Jonathan Reed

  • Our ability to control our impulses is a key executive skill that marks us out as human.  Rather than just reacting to the environment we can choose what responses to make in any given situation. However anyone temped by chocolates or distracted by Facebook or Twitter will know that self control can be hard.  It requires some mental effort.   This ability to control impulses develops throughout childhood and individuals differ in their ability.  There are also a number of developmental conditions where individuals have difficulty in self control including ADHD and brain injury.   The ability to self control requires attention and response inhibition (i.e stopping responding automatically).  These abilities are associated with the Prefrontal and parietal areas of the brain.  There has been some research showing it is possible to improve these abilities but these tend to be experiment based and not freely available- see Yang and Posner for example.  I therefore decided to develop another Neurogame based on attention and self control.  It is called Impulse Control and is available in iTunes for iPhone and iPad.  It is my attempt to find a fun way of testing and improving attention and self control.  It is based on the neuropsychological theory behind these functions.  The game is designed for all ages and becomes progressively harder the more you play.  The idea is that by practice you will become better in terms of attention and self control. The game is free and can be found on iTunes.   You can monitor your training using the training report in app feature.  Try it and give your brain a workout and let me know how you get on.

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